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I had just scafy moved into scafy my new and could not Propety for a few days to go to the proximity to work, I decided to book at a local hotel for the night. At check- in allows the young woman had an error in the book, and I got a room with two single beds instead of two. I agreed. at scafy 6 o'clock there was a terrible noise in the room, it sounded like a jackhammer and an air raid siren at the same time. That was until I checked out at 8:30 of the clock. When I scafy wanted desperately to get to work I did not complain. A the few days I wanted to write and complain to the hotel, our company had recently moved to the area and wanted a place to stay for our sales staff at his inauguration. The letter basically said I could not recommend that the facility due to noise. got a letter back to apologize and say it was the plumbing in the old part of hotel and others had complained, they offered me a free night in the new part of the. construction I DONT class myself as a wanderer, but as I was traveling long distances to work, I took the offer. On arrival we checked into the same girl named Nicky. The computer screen, of course, told scafy him the circumstances of my visit and she was very helpful and even showed me the room. leaving she said, ' if you need anything do not hesitate to call me. ' I went to a dinner in the evening and returned at 11 hours. While walking through the lobby, she had to leave just closed. He apologized for the room that had been in recent times, I said OK and started chatting. We laughed when they told me was that night and had to be truly pampered VIP. I joke inquiries, to what extent the service. I went to my room and thought nothing of it, but five minutes later there was a knock at scafy the door, opened it to find Nicky with a tray of beer bottles. She smiled and walked past me. We sat in bed, drinking beer, and asked wto whether this was part of a VIP treatment, she smiled and said yes. It then crashed scafy into me and a kiss on the lips : 'But that did not happen,' he said. We bottle and were in a passionate embrace. His lips were soft and eager tongue. I slid my hand from her shoulder, arm and chest, moved a little away and was back so hard her tit in my hand. I caressed her, until her nipples hard. He had walked hand and my leg was stiffening my cock through my pants. We have been making out and began to unbutton her blouse, she opened his fly and in return had his hand inside. It was pretty uncomfortable, she pulled away and went right on my tail, my pants have been published, lowered my pants and my cock in her mouth. She moved slowly up and down the shaft, from time to time I looked, I realized that a real turn on. From time to time would take my cock from her mouth and masturbates me, ' I can please', Iask, ' Not yet,' she said, and this took cock sucking and teasing. Finally, it was decided to accompany me, we kissed passionately again: 'I like a man who did so after Ive Snog thick,' he said. Soon her shirt to show a good pair of tits out, I opened her bra and popped it. I gently teased her nipples with my hands and mouth. I started running scafy my tongue over her body until I reached her dress up her ass she opened her dress and pulled it down. She wore little lace panties, I licked her pussy through her ​​panties. I was there and I undress, took off his pants again. She had a pretty pussy hair, I put a finger into her wet hole, then another finger. I was sliding smoothly in and out, and she moans with pleasure. It opened my lips to find her clitoris and buried her face in scafy her pussy, I licked and teased her pussy. He knew what was there for a while, I finally felt harden and begin to moan she had a astunomousI was quick at the foot of the bed and slid my cock into her and she snogged, 'I like a woman who, after I Snog pussy sucked,' he said. The blows were slow, she lay on her side and has long strokes, holding the entire length of my cock in and out of it. Then apart and I was in the beginning, pushed harder and harder, shouted for joy. laminate, we have several times and the shag fast, slow, long and difficult, after all, while I scafy was in Cumming, 'Cum On My Face', he said, pulled out my throbbing cock it, gave a strip of about few and scafy shot his face. I thought I would leave after our meeting, but he stayed the night and we Shagged a couple of times. Needless to say, when using the questionnaire on the hotel has the highest score on this occasion said.
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